La Finca Caribe!
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There are different ways you can get to and from Vieques: you can fly to San Juan, Puerto Rico, and from there either take a small plane for a half hour flight to Vieques (aprox. $150 round trip each), or take a 1.5 hour taxi to Fajardo (about $85) and then a $2, hour long ferry to Vieques. Depending on when your flight arrives -- and how much time you have, you can also rent a car one-way, from San Juan to Fajardo for about $65. This is fun because then you can drive up to the rain forest, explore old San Juan, the beaches along the way.

Local Air Lines:
  • Air Flamenco: (787) 741-8811
  • Air Sunshine: (787) 741-7900
  • Cape Air: (800) 352-0714
  • Isla Nena: (787) 741-1577
  • MN Aviation: (787) 741-3911
  • Vieques Air Link: (787) 741-8331
Ferry Schedule (times may vary):
(note: we don't advise you bring a car with you from Puerto Rico. It's much easier to rent a car here on Vieques than trying to get one on the ferries.)

Fajardo to Vieques  
Monday to Friday Saturday, Sunday, Monday Holidays
09:30am 09:00am
01:00pm 03:00pm
04:30pm 06:00pm
Vieques to Fajardo  
Monday to Friday Saturday, Sunday, Monday Holidays
06:30am 06:30am
11:00am 01:00pm



To get around Vieques, we do have Publicos/Taxis but we suggest you rent your own car so you can take advantage of all our wonderful hidden beaches. Here are some of car rentals that can have the car(s) waiting for you here at La Finca:

  • Acevedo's: (787) 741-4380
  • Chepito's: (787) 741-8691
  • Island: (787) 741-1666
  • Marcos: (787) 741-1388
  • Maritza: (787) 741-0078
  • Martineau: (787) 741-0087
  • Steve's: (787) 741-8135
  • Vieques: (787) 741-1037