La Finca Caribe!
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A Quiet Isle
New York Times
March 9, 2003

Frugal traveling doesn't get much better than this: a deserted Caribbean beach, and back roads that wind through forests where wild horses run free and egrets glide above the mangroves edging the water. The trip was a gamble, but I hit the trifecta. I spotted a sign for La Finca Caribe, a guest house I'd noticed on a Web site, I took a chance and drove up the road leading to a huge, airy, two-story wooden house painted in tropical blues and greens.

By now I have a sixth sense for hotels, and La Finca was pushing all the right buttons, with its large, breezy wooden deck and lovely, rolling property studded with palm trees and hibiscus. A big communal kitchen dominated the ground floor, which was filled with funky old furniture and walls of heavily thumbed paperbacks.

The bathroom was down the hall, and the shower was about 200 feet away, in separate stalls outside the building, which at first gave me pause. But I grew to love taking a shower in the neat, roofless wooden stall, under the sun and stars.

Just outside my bedroom, an upper wooden deck offered a view clear out to Esperanza, about two and a half miles away, and the ocean. There was a hammock on that deck, and for the next several days I spent most of my time there, swaying in the sun and reading.
-- New York Times (view full article)

More Rave Reviews
"a more family-friendly option is La Finca Caribe...a country house with open-air showers, a communal kitchen, flowers and fruiting trees that attract a parade of songbirds and hummingbirds" -- Audubon Magazine 11/06

"like a friend's funny old beach house, with sandals in the corner, paperbacks, porches, hammocks and a very cool Venezuelan guy running the place."-- Gourmet 2/05

"The best way to experience the island is to base yourself at one of its two rustic lodges tucked back in the hills among the banana groves. La Finca Caribe, just embrace Vieques's don't sweat the details vibe and get on with experiencing these newly opened spaces." -- Outside Magazine, 12/03

"[La Finca Caribe is]...a kind of summer camp for adults.... atop a hill, with a gorgeous view of the fertile hills and sea. Guests come to settle into a hammock to catch up on a year's worth of reading napping or meditation." -- Caribbean Travel & Life

"I've saved the best for last. La Finca Caribe, occupying a hillside location about three miles from Sun Bay, in the center of the small island, consists of a two-story, wind-swept, wooden main house surrounded on all sides by a spacious deck with hammocks and swinging chairs, a new dorm lush acres of gardens and banana, lemon, mango and pine trees, and breathtaking views of wooded hills and the ocean beyond. This is an enchanted place, in large part due to the down-to-earth, intelligent and open people it attracts. The atmosphere is informal and social...Here truly was the Caribbean as it used to be." -- Arthur Frommer

"Simple and very practical in its construction, one of the nicest things about the house is its integration with nature. Small lizards come right in to visit you and birds nest right by the porch. At night you have the 360-degree orchestral symphony of nature surrounding you. The sunrises here are spectacular, you truly wake up to a new dawn feeling fresh and invigorated." -- The Adventurer's Guide to Puerto Rico

What About Our Guests?
"First it was our hidden honeymoon spot, now la finca is our anniversary get away every Spring. It feels like our own 'like home' but tropical." -- B. Torres, Brattleboro, VT

"Our stay at La Finca was just what we were hoping for: a welcomed retreat from the Alaskan winter. The staff was most helpful and accommodating, from suggestions on beaches to go to (and there are many to choose from), to recommendations on local restaurants, to where to rent mountain bikes. La Finca is a relaxed setting, not to be confused with a Marriott resort, and may not be for everyone. However, if you can visualize yourself breaking away from the daily rigors back home to a mellowed pace, with the sounds of birds and frogs in the background, sipping some of that fine Puerto Rican rum, reading that novel that you never seem to get a chance to finish, La Finca Caribe just might be the place. I look forward to the next opportunity to go back and visit Vieques and La Finca!" -- P. Merkel, Anchorage, AK

"La Finca was a fabulous place on a quiet, beautiful island to bring a group of my co-workers for a retreat to do some business and also to relax. My co-workers are an interesting, eclectic group that loves out-of-the-way, wonderful 'finds' that allow us to do some work and then go off and have some fun together. Relaxing by the pool was an everyday event, as were treks around the island to the beach, to the small village with a fascinating museum, and to excellent palapas for meals by the water. The staff at La Finca was gracious and helpful with all the details. What a great place!" -- CJ, Seattle, WA