Finca Victoria
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There are places that when you visit  them change your life. For some people is an exotic far away place, a magnificent city in Europe or it can be your neighbor’s house. 

For me it was this place. La Finca. 

I am native of Puerto Rico but I was living in New York at the time. 15 years ago The Film Commission had granted me the mission of documenting with photography my whole island to serve as a bank of images for movies film location managers from LA and other parts of the world. 

By the end of my 3 month tour I landed at La Finca. It took me no time to recognize its magic and special energy. A love affair started. When anyone asked me what is my favorite place in the world from all my travels, I would say without hesitation, La Finca in Vieques. 

Eventually I befriended the owner, Corky Parker and my visits became more frequent. The beautiful set up of the communal main house, the funky decor and the love Corky had placed in it, inspired me to create later on the  Dreamcatcher Hotel in Ocean Park, San Juan.

At the beginning of this summer I went to help Corky rebuild La Finca due to the devastation of Hurricane Maria. I am still at awed on how it all happened but I came home with the keys of La Finca in my hands. 

We have been working hard on creating what will be Finca Victoria. We plan to open as early as December.  Please follow us on IG @finca_victoria for updates.

Corky will always be part of this magical place. Her heart and energy is here and I trust she will come as often as possible to enjoy what she worked on so hard for 20 years.

For those of us who follow her writing you can find them in this site under Corky’s letters.

I can’t wait to show you how beautiful Finca Victoria will be and I am looking forward on sharing my favorite place in the world with you.