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Much attention has been paid to the posthurricane restoration efforts in San Juan, Puerto Rico’s capital. But regrowth is happening elsewhere in the territory too. In February, following a major renovation, owner Sylvia de Marco reopened Finca Victoria, a farmhouse-style bed-and-breakfast on Vieques, an island off Puerto Rico’s eastern coast. The farm on the property is the hotel’s heart, providing the ingredients for the meals served there and the oils used at the wellness center. Each room has its own herb garden, and the communal dining table and small staff add to the healthful, homey ambience. —Anna Kambhampaty

LA FINCA NAMED finalist in the 2019 Surface Travel Awards

The 2019 Surface Travel Awards winners will be revealed in the Boundaries Issue of Surface magazine in September. The planning for a full day of events in October to celebrate the winners and finalists .

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LONELY PLANET | How sustainable tourism is thriving in Puerto Rico

Stay at an organic farm on Vieques

An encouraging departure from larger hotels eyeing the island post-Maria, the new Puerto Rican owned Finca Victoria is a two-and-a-half-acre botanical farm guesthouse tucked in the hills at the heart of the island. 

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The hotel is located on a hill with wonderful cross-ventilation, surrounded by luscious vegetation and the soothing symphony of the native Coqui frogs. Being on one of the highest points of the island provides us with an amazing view of sunrises and sunsets. The island has hardly any light pollution, which creates the perfect atmosphere to see the stars at night. Under the right clear-sky conditions, even the Milky Way becomes visible for stargazers to admire.



THIS Caribbean Oasis Enters Its Second Act After Hurricane Maria

On the small island of Vieques, La Finca Victoria eco-lodge is a paradise lost and found

Travel’s not always glamorous. The business of getting to your destination is often full of delays, hunger, and restless impatience. With any luck, you’ll end up at Finca Victoria, an eco-lodge on the island of Vieques. “I noticed your shoulders dropped when you arrived,” Sara, one of the keepers of la Finca, told me as she walked us around the grounds. It was true.


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May 3, 2019 | By Lorna Zayas Rodríguez

A 15 minutos de Isabel Segunda, a 15 de Esperanza, a 15 de las playas... en el mismo centro de la hermosa Vieques, te encuentras con Finca Victoria, al tope de una montaña, un oasis que atrapa y acoge más lluvia de la que se siente en la isla municipio, cuyo clima es mayormente seco.

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caribean living magazine | spring 2019

Bohemian Eco-Vegetarian Finca Victoria Hotel

From Sylvia De Marco, the owner of beloved Dreamcatcher Hotel in San Juan, comes to debt of La Finca and altruistic bohemian retreat on Vieques, renovated and restored after hurricanes with resect to the land, food and culture of Puerto Rico. Finca’s newest incarnation will feature a central house with swimming pool, a large communal kitchen and dining area, spacious living room, lounge areas and five guest rooms all done in a colorful and detailed eclectic bohemian style.

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drift travel magazine | spring 2019

VIEQUES, PUERTO RICO – Finca Victoria Opened on Feb. 1st 

Finca Victoria opened February 1st and will expand In March with two Baez Haus tree-houses, and by summer, will offer a total of 10 rooms and cabins. In addition, complimentary vegetarian breakfast and yoga will be offered, a local artisanal boutique and a vegetarian food store with items made from the hotel’s vegetable and herb garden. The property aims to instate renewable energy and recycled water infrastructure to ultimately become entirely eco-sustainable with zero impact to the land.

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Puerto Rico

Finca Victoria Insel Vieques. Kein Zimmer gleicht dem anderen. Jedes wurde individuell mit viel Liebe zum Detail, Vintage-Mobiliar und schöner Beleuchtung eingerichtet. Bettwäsche und Matratzen sind aus Bio-Baumwolle, und jedes Zimmer hat einen eigenen Balkon und Außendusche. Die Räume sind ausgestattet mit hausgemachten Tees und Aromaölen für die Diffusoren und Duftlampen. 6 Zimmer, ab 115 Euro pro Person, inkl. Frühstück.

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abre hotel boutique vegetariano en el corazón de vieques

Finca Victoria abre con seis habitaciones en un terreno donde ubicaba una hospedería que fue destruida por el huracán Maria.


wonder i go | spring 2019

Finca Victoria: A Dream Come True

While searching for places to stay in Vieques, I stumbled upon what seemed to be my actual dream hotel. From its carefully crafted vintage decor to outdoor showers and an incredibly lush setting, the exquisitely designed bohemian space I had long constructed in my head apparently already existed.

Vieques, a small Caribbean island just off the coast of mainland Puerto Rico, is hardly known as a bustling metropolis. Yet, within moments of stepping through the wooden gates of Finca Victoria, I found myself giving into a whole new level of relaxation.