Workshops & Retreats Facilities

up to 18 pPl

Finca Victoria was created with the intention to host a variety of guests looking to recharge, regroup, connect with nature and enjoy themselves. Guests will have the option to partake in our activities such as detox programs, juicing, Ayurveda consultations, massages and other therapies.

Yoga and healthy food has been an essential part of of our core concept, so it will give us immense satisfaction to host yoga retreats and any type of holistic-focused workshops.

We are here to support your retreat by providing a beautiful and comfortable accommodation in a very special piece of land -- a space that has been worked with love and respect for decades.... way before it was even called Finca Victoria.

If you are interested in hosting a group for yoga or other activities, these are the steps to take:

The whole property would need to be rented completely for a minimum of 3 nights.

  • From May 15- November 15 the whole property —> $3,783.00. (Additional nights $1,109.00)

  • From Nov 16-May 14 —> $4,299.00. (Additional nights $1,261)

Maximun Capacity until fall 2019: 18pp

We expect to increase our capacity to 30 pp by December 2019

All Inclusive Service

Then the stay will included a vegetarian breakfast daily from 8-11. As well as all the regular hotel services. If you wish to include meals to the stay, we are happy to coordinate this for you. All of our food is made with high quality products from our farm and other local farms in Vieques and the main Island. We provide vegetarian food with vegan options.

Room Run Down

[From December 15th, 2019]


    4pp capacity | 2 queen beds | I private bathroom

  • 1x VICTORIA SUITE ‘plus’

    4pp capacity | I king bed | I queen bed | I private bathroom

  • 2x Victoria suites

    2pp capacity | I king bed | I private bathroom

  • 1x Sahar treehouse

    2pp capacity | I queen bed | I private bathroom

  • 2x baez-Haus

    2pp capacity | I queen bed | I private bathroom

  • 1x baez-Haus ‘plus’

    4pp capacity | 2 queen bed | I private bathroom




Prepared To-Go with refreshments.


2-course meal with refreshments. Salad and main course.

DINNERS 3-course $35

3 course dinner with refreshments. Salad or soup, main course and dessert.

DINNERS 4-course $45

4-course dinner with refreshments. Appetizer, salad or soup, main course and dessert.


Available 3-course pair.